EXCLUSIVE: Roadmaster Offers Universal Towing Adapter

A picture of Roadmaster's universal tow bar adapter.

Roadmaster is introducing an adapter to address mismatches between tow bars and base plates across different manufacturers.

A baseplate and its tow bar are typically designed by the same manufacturer. Mixing and matching brands, then, is inconvenient to consumers towing a vehicle behind a motorhome.

As a result, each tow bar manufacturer offers multiple adapters to allow fitment of their tow bars to a competitor’s baseplate.

To address the issue, Roadmaster has launched its Universal Tow Bar Adapter (parts number 039-2). David Robinson, Roadmaster vice president, said the company wanted to find a solution for consumers that would make using their tow bar from any brand easy with Roadmaster base plates.

“Many dealers prefer Roadmaster base plates due to their ease of installation and detailed instructions,” Robinson said. “With our new universal adapter, dealers can use our baseplates to make a clean, professional connection to nearly any brand of tow bar.”

With the adapter, a Blue Ox, Demco or Curt tow bar can be pinned onto late-model Roadmaster base plates. The patent-pending adapter inserts into the Roadmaster baseplate and locks in place when rotated 90 degrees. It takes less than 10 seconds to connect and requires no tools or hardware. The product retails for $150.

For more information, contact Roadmaster, Inc. at 800-669-9690 or roadmasterinc.com.

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