FlagPole Buddy Creates Flagpole Mount for RVs without Ladders

a tall flagpole is mounted to the rear of a motorhome using a flagpole buddy hitch mount

California-based FlagPole Buddy has released a flagpole mount for RVs without ladders. FlagPole Buddy’s new hitch mount bolts to the tow bar that attaches the tow vehicle to the RV.

RV manufactures have been trending not to install roof ladders on coaches.

“The FlagPole Buddy’s patented flagpole system was designed to mount directly to the roof ladder,” FlagPole Buddy Owner Dave Jahnz said. “This has made us look for alternative mount methods. Using the RV hitch, which is a standard feature on most RVs, seemed to be the most obvious choice. There are other hitch mounts on the market, but with only a single point of contact, fiberglass poles bang on the top of the RV as they flex. Our mount system restrains the pole and moves the pivot point high enough to eliminate the pole hitting the top of the RV.”

With a few turns of the cam lock, the post is removed for quick and easy access to the engine bay doors, he said, while the base plate stays mounted to the tow bar.

The post holds the FlagPole Buddy tow mount system, keeping the pole study. It is high enough to keep the pole away from the top of the coach as the fiberglass pole bends with the wind. It is currently 100 percent stainless steel and made in America.

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