New Anti-Rattle Hitch Pin by GEN-Y Hitch Hits the Market

A logo for GEN-Y hitch

GEN-Y Hitch debuted its newest anti-rattle hitch pin product this week, the Iron Grip pin.

The hitch product has been designed to reduce rattle and movement that occurs in any solid shank drop hitch or attachment, according to the company, such as bike racks, cargo carriers, ball mounts, etc. GEN-Y Hitch, a Northern Indiana hitch company, has been a part of the towing industry since 2012. It began with its heavy-duty drop hitches and later introduced the Torsion-Flex technology.

“This locking hitch pin is unlike anything on the market,” the company announced.

GEN-Y Hitch made the Iron Grip a dual-purpose product to separate it from current offerings. This pin deters potential theft, as special tools are needed to remove the Iron Grip. The company announced that not only is this hitch pin versatile, but it also comes in different lengths to ensure the best fit. With the new anti-rattle hitch pin, GEN-Y hopes to introduce another long-lasting, durable product.

According to GEN-Y Hitch, the Iron Grip is “durable, strong, and 100% American-made.” The multiple lengths offered help ensure maximum versatility.

“Secure and protect your hitch and accessories with Iron Grip, the best hitch tightener on the market,” GEN-Y Hitch announced.

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