EXCLUSIVE: Keystone RV Inks Distribution Deal with Dragonfly Energy

From Left to Right: Sean Nichols, COO, Dragonfly Energy Wade Seaburg, Director Business Development & Outside Sales, Dragonfly Energy Josh Miller, VP Sales, Keystone RV Matt Christensen, GM, Keystone RV Jeff Runels, President & CEO, Keystone RV
From Left to Right: Sean Nichols, COO, Dragonfly Energy; Wade Seaburg, Director Business Development & Outside Sales, Dragonfly Energy; Josh Miller, VP Sales, Keystone RV; Matt Christensen, GM, Keystone RV; and Jeff Runels, President & CEO, Keystone RV

Keystone RV and Dragonfly Energy, Inc., signed an exclusive agreement for Keystone RV to provide Dragonfly Energy batteries as standard or optional OEM equipment on Keystone’s travel trailers and fifth wheels.

The Dragonfly Energy batteries feature all the same internals as the supplier’s Battle Born lithium-ion batteries, according to Tyler Bourns, Dragonfly Energy vice president of marketing, and will have the same customer support level. As part of the exclusive agreement, Dragonfly Energy batteries will soon be sold in the aftermarket through authorized Keystone RV dealers and service centers.

Matt Christensen, Keystone RV general manager, said the agreement was closely related to the manufacturer’s recent rollout of Solarflex, an RV solar energy system offered on all its vehicles beginning in fall 2021. Christy Spencer, Keystone RV director of marketing and communications, said Dragonfly was a part of the very first SolarFlex build for Montana two years ago and has been at the table the past 18 months as Keystone developed the new SolarFlex systems.

“Throughout the development of SolarFlex,” Christensen said, “our state-of-the-art RV solar energy system, we carefully selected partners who set the standard for their respective technologies. We are excited to unveil this strategic relationship with Dragonfly Energy, which marks a huge win for RV owners and dealers by providing an energy storage solution with the trusted quality and support they expect from Keystone.”

Dr. Denis Phares, Dragonfly Energy CEO, said the technology company is always seeking to push the boundaries of lithium-ion technology and how consumers use energy storage to enhance their lives off-grid.

“Through their SolarFlex technology, Keystone RV has changed the game for how RVers experience life on the road,” Phares said. “This robust line of energy collection packages is the perfect complement to the innovative, reliable, and safe energy storage systems RV owners have come to trust and enjoy from Dragonfly Energy.”

The initial response from dealers and customers has been good, Spencer said. She said a lot of the company’s development was influenced by dealer and customer input.

Effective immediately, RV dealers will be able to place orders for stock units equipped with heated Dragonfly Energy batteries on all Keystone product lines, as well as order Dragonfly Energy batteries for resale through their parts department.

Josh Miller, Keystone’s vice president of sales, said the interest and demand for lithium batteries is at an all-time high.

“However, the up front cost of these batteries can be a deterrent to adoption,” Miller said. “By including them as OEM installed equipment, customers will be able to purchase a Keystone RV equipped with the best batteries in the industry. With the added benefit of financing it as part of their vehicle loan.”

All Dragonfly Energy batteries purchased as original equipment will include a 10-year warranty, a dedicated technical support number and an end-of-life return and recycling program. Aftermarket purchases will include the benefits, along with special dealer pricing, expedited shipping and DPU programs, and installation support and training from Keystone RV and Dragonfly Energy’s technical service teams. Dealers who choose to stock and sell Dragonfly Energy batteries will receive a special point-of-sale promotional materials package.

Dragonfly Energy lithium-ion batteries outperform lead-acid batteries, lasting 10 times longer with three times more power, five times higher energy density and five times faster charging.

“The impressive life expectancy of Dragonfly Energy’s lithium batteries is significantly greater than the expected length of a typical lead acid battery,” Christensen said, “making it possible that if a Keystone RV is delivered with a Dragonfly Energy battery, it very well could be the last battery that owner will ever buy for their trailer.”

Pricing for two 100-amp-hour heated lithium batteries installed at the factory and shipped with an RV is $2,700, Christensen said.

Dealers can obtain full program details through the Keystone RV’s “Key Express” dealer portal or from their district sales manager.

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