Lion Energy Delivers Handheld Energy Storage

A picture of the Lion Trek solar generator

Lion Energy, a power solutions supplier to the RV industry, released the company’s smallest solar generator with multiple outputs, including an AC outlet.

Weighing 2 pounds, the Lion Trek provides 150 watts of energy and can power everything from phones, laptops, lamps, TVs and a mini-refrigerator, the company said. With two USB ports in addition to the AC outlet, the Lion Trek can charge multiple items at a time.

“Offering an AC outlet on a compact solar generator multiplies the types of devices that can now be charged on-the-go,” Lion Energy CEO Frank Davis said. “While expanding the number of electronic devices you can now charge up while camping or traveling off the grid, the Lion Trek is also a great option to ensure some light at home during a power outage.”

According to Lion Energy, the Lion Trek recharges through traditional AC power or an optional 50-watt portable solar. The solar generator has a charge time of two to three-and-a-half hours, holds a charge for one year and lasts over 2,000 lifecycles.

Additionally, the company said the Lion Trek produces no emissions, causes no damage to the environment and is completely safe to use indoors.

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