Video: Lippert Components Launches New Tire Linc System

A promotional image for the LCI Tire Linc system

Lippert Components released its newly designed Tire Linc Tire Pressure and Temperature Management System this past week.

According to Lippert Components, Tire Linc is an easy-to-install, always-on tire pressure and temperature monitoring system (TPMS) designed specifically for RVs. Integrated with LCI’s OneControl app, Tire Linc can monitor tire pressure and temperature from a smartphone. The Tire Linc repeater boosts the tires’ sensor signals to ensure that the system is continually communicating tire pressure and temperature effectively.

“This product was developed specifically with the recreational space in mind and was not another off-the-shelf product brought to market,” said Senior VP of Aftermarket, Mark Boessler. “The prepping on the OEM side will be a great opportunity for customers to have a plug-and-play component to add to the safety category and make it very easy to operate and install. Dealers have been asking for an upgraded and easy, retail friendly product, and this delivers on that request.”

Monitoring an RV’s tire pressure and temperature on the road is vital to helping prevent dangerous tire blowouts, Lippert Components announced. According to the company, RV owners can even improve their gas mileage up to 3% by keeping their tires inflated with proper pressure. Tire Linc notifies drivers when their tires are outside of the determined range for both temperature and pressure.

“We will also offer a countertop display for dealers that allows a cash and carry for customers in the retail stores,” Boessler said.


Tire Linc is available today for OEM installation as well as OEM prep. With the prepped system, LCI will provide a docking station to the OEM for the wireless signal repeater making the aftermarket installation easy. According to Lipper Components, all it requires is to snap the repeater to the dock and then follow the normal setup process.

Lippert Components shared a video explaining this new TPMS product as well. Click here to watch that video on Youtube.

“We are very excited to announce the launch of Tire Linc to both our OEM and Aftermarket channels,” said Andy Murray, Chief Sales Officer of Lippert Components. “Tire Linc provides a solution to a safety concern that’s on the forefront of every RV owner’s mind, and we believe we’ve engineered a simple to use, simple to install solution.”

An aftermarket kit is also available that comes with the wireless repeater, docking station, and four valve cap sensors. LCI will also offer an indicator fob accessory that notifies the owner of a tire event with a simple audio and visual cue in case they don’t want to use the smart phone app. Finally, additional sets of two extra valve cap sensors are sold separately so owners can monitor up to 20 tires simultaneously.

“Tire Linc is also the first of many products that will be able to be seamlessly added to the OneControl app infrastructure,” Murray said. “RVers that already have OneControl installed on their smart phones can simply add the Tire Linc option with a few easy steps, making installation quick and easy. Our customers should stay tuned for more exciting OneControl add-on product announcements as the year goes on.”

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