New RV OEM Launches

A picture of the Encore RV ROM travel trailer

After a two-year hiatus from the RV industry, Rich Schnippel is back and preparing to launch a new OEM.

Schippel is a former InTech RV executive with a 20-year RV industry career at InTech, KZ and ATC Trailers. He said his new OEM, titled Encore RV, will introduce its first RV at the Elkhart Extravaganza.

“Our desire is to create a product line which stands apart from other adventure trailers currently offered,” Schnippel said. “We have designed the most well thought out and functional trailers in the market.”

Schnippel said trailers will be designed without wood. Cabinetry will be very different from industry tradition, he said, featuring CNC cut aluminum that is powder-coated. The trailers will use composites as well as fiberglass skins. Frames are all-aluminum and welded.

Encore’s first product line, RŌM, will target the lightweight adventure trailer market that has become increasingly popular the past five years. Schnippel designed several such models during his time at InTech RV.

“I think people are going to be surprised at the value we have provided,” Schnippel said. “A lot of time has been spent meeting with and listening to both dealers and retail customers.  They have made it clear what is important and we have incorporated those ideas into our designs and construction. I have always enjoyed the design process and creating products which evoke real emotion … a passion you can see and hear when you are talking to owners. It is this passion which drives our innovation and motivates us to be better every single day.”

Schnippel said the OEM would look at additional lines after releasing RŌM, including a mid-profile with a slightly larger size than RŌM. In about a year, Encore RV expects to release its first full-size travel trailer.

“It is a trailer that I think will grab everyone’s attention,” Schnippel said.

Encore has begun establishing a dealer network and will be entertaining additional opportunities during Elkhart Open House. During Open House, dealers are invited to see Encore RV at its facility, located at 4340 Pine Creek Road in Elkhart.

Schnippel can be reached at [email protected] or 440-570-3030.

A picture of the Encore RV logo

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