Redarc Launches New Generation Tow-Pro Brake Controller

A picture of a red Redarc Tow-Pro Liberty.

Australia-based electronics manufacturer REDARC is debuting the latest generation of its award-winning electric trailer brake controller, the Tow-Pro Liberty.

The remote head installs anywhere on the tow vehicle’s dashboard, while the main module (the brains of the system) is designed to fit under the dash. Installing the unit away from the driver’s knees overcomes the possible intrusion into the driver’s leg space and potential interference with lower airbags in newer vehicles.

According to REDARC, the Tow-Pro Liberty is designed for reliable highway performance and everyday towing conditions. Craig Herriot, head of international sales for REDARC, said the Tow-Pro Liberty will further set the brand apart from the rest of the market.

“REDARC has listened to your feedback. The need for a price competitive brake controller with an OEM styled remote head and hidden main unit was apparent,” Herriot said. “The Tow-Pro Liberty achieves this and offers all the same benefits of REDARC’s brake controller range at a great price. No other brake controller in North America can match this value with all these award-winning attributes”.

The new brake controller incorporates a number of features consistent with the Tow-Pro Range, intended to result in smoother braking for users towing different trailer types. The “active calibration” feature means that once fitted to the customer’s vehicle, the Tow-Pro Liberty will actively calibrate itself, even without a trailer attached.

The Tow-Pro Range also comes with an array of vehicle-specific plug-and-play accessories, including switch inserts and wiring harnesses, to facilitate installation.

REDARC Managing Director Anthony Kittel said the new Tow-Pro Liberty has undergone extensive quality control and product development.

“We continue to set the industry benchmark for innovation in electric trailer braking technology. Since its launch, the Tow-Pro Range has become one of our most popular products for anyone who tows a travel trailer, horse trailer, boat and the like,” Kittel said.

The Tow-Pro Liberty is available via the REDARC website and from distributors including Keystone Automotive Operations, NTP Stag, LINK Trailer Parts, Transamerican Wholesale, 4WP stores and

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