Rev Recreation Group Discusses 2022 Model Features

Mike Lanciotti, Rev Recreation Group president

Rev Recreation Group released its new 2022 models from its brands Fleetwood RV, Holiday Rambler, American Coach, Renegade RV, Midwest Automotive Designs and Lance. Mike Lanciotti, Rev Recreation Group president, said the company is focusing on technology and features in the products the company is releasing.

“Our focus is to lead the recreation industry,” Lanciotti said, “in providing cutting-edge technology and features in our products which meet the diverse needs of our customers.”

Fleetwood RV recently debuted two significant advances to its kitchen — a patent-pending convertible dinette table and one of the first stationary islands in a Type A.

Doug Miller, Rev Recreation Group’s Type A motorhomes product manager, said the concept centered on accommodating gathering in the kitchen.

“The island lends itself to preparing a meal together,” Miller said, “and entertaining family and friends and our Adap-table Dinette provides seating for four.”

The Adap-table Dinette is a multi-purpose station. When positioned along the wall, it serves as a workstation or breakfast bar for two. By swinging the table out vertically, it can host four adults.

The dinette is available in the Frontier 36SS, while the Discovery LXE 36HQ and Discovery 36Q feature both the island and Adap-table Dinette.

The bunk room is another area of the coach where Fleetwood RV has owner comfort in mind. Select models now feature a top bunk that can be flipped up to create additional wardrobe space. A bar, secured by magnets, slides in to create 65-70 inches of hanging space.

The American Coach team took a look at the living area and its popular theater seating.

While owners appreciate the comfort of the oversized loungers, they take up valuable floor and walkway space when the coach is in transit or in use, the company found. The designers worked with its furniture supplier to create zero proximity seating. The new seating provides the expected level of comfort yet reduces the amount of space required for full extension.

“On a yearly basis,” Miller said, “we review and examine all of the individual areas of our coaches and focus on making continual improvements and advancements that elevate our owner experience.”

Renegade RV is offering owners more options to remove the generator and use an enhanced lithium power pack. With its Vienna model, Renegade has a 300-watt solar panel upgrade supplemented by 12V AC.

Victor Quezada, Renagade RV’s product development manager, said owners appreciate the off-grid ability to be self-reliant through the offered battery pack and solar power.

“There are other ancillary benefits as well,” Quezada said. “By removing the generator, we have reduced weight on the chassis and have also freed up valuable basement storage space.”

In addition, inside the Ikon, Renegade has unveiled a high-end, full-integration Garmin Multi-Plex System. With a 15-inch high-resolution touch screen, owners can control virtually every element — slide outs, interior lighting, sound, window coverings, generator, inverter, DC power and NVR security camera system. Touch panels are located throughout the RV for easy access and ultimate control.

Midwest Automotive Designs, which is known for building and converting custom Sprinter vans, is also focusing on lithium battery advancements.

Jake Stephenson, Midwest Automotive Designs director of sales and marketing, said the group removed the propane from the coach, replacing it with battery power for safety and comfort. The group offers this through its Eco-Freedom Package, which has 600-amp service from a state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery power system that ensures the coach can run for up to three days without tapping into generator power. Eliminating the generator delivers a quieter RV experience while providing a safe, reliable, and environmentally-friendly source of AC/DC power.

Lance Camper is one of the first manufacturers to make rooftop solar panels available as an OEM option. With multiple panels now available and input ports for portable systems, optional power inverters, and lithium battery packages, Lance vehicles provide “off the grid” generator-free power solutions.

Throughout the entire industry, Lance was also one of the first RV companies to incorporate CNC machines. The automated CNC process ensures the consistent cutting of materials and delivers accuracy of parts for each Lance Camper. Lance’s state-of-the-art production facility includes advanced lamination elements. Year-round, the company’s facility is temperature and humidity-controlled for a superior wall and floor manufacturing process.

For more information, visit Fleetwood RV, American Coach, Renegade RV, Midwest Automotive Designs, and Lance Camper.

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