RV Maker Tests Telsa Towing Range

A picture of a Bowlus Terra Firma RV being towed by a Tesla Model X electric vehicle in a flat area in front of cliffs.

RV manufacturer Bowlus released results from towing tests conducted with the Tesla Model X electric SUV.

Bowlus reported its Terra Firma RV achieved 71% of the Model X’s estimated towing range when EPA highway fuel economy tests were mimicked in real-world conditions.

The result: The Model X drove 235 miles while pulling the Terra Firma. The Model X’s full-charge range is 330 miles.

“The evolution of the electric car has finally made it to utility,” said Geneva Long, founder and CEO of Bowlus. “We chose to test the leading electric SUV towing a Bowlus because with the size, shape and weight of our travel trailer, we felt confident you could use your EV and maintain the majority of your range pulling a Bowlus. Our hunch proved correct. With Bowlus’ lightweight and aerodynamic design, we were able to be towed for 235 miles on a full charge. Not only does this prove practical for luxury land travelers, but as younger generations continue to view technological conveniences as luxury, we feel we are positioned to enhance land travel experiences for anyone who drives an EV.”

The range testing included a similar driving style to EPA highway fuel economy tests, which entails driving the legal speed limit in California (55 mph while towing), and in Nevada reaching highway speeds of 55-60 mph, while keeping speed limits on secondary roads and driving slower where conditions were windy or uphill.

The outside air temperature during the tests was between 65 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and no air conditioning was in use, only fan air. Heated seats and heated steering wheel functions were used during colder mornings. The distance traveled on the test was 930 miles, including a wind advisory, along with a sea level to 4,730-foot climb.

Bowlus said it planned more range testing as EV trucks such as the Ford F-150 Lightning and Rivian’s R1T and R1S are released.

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