RV Retailer Renews Training Partnership

A picture of RV Retailer President and CEO Jon Ferrando on stage at the 2022 Leadership Summit

RV Retailer, LLC (RVR) renewed and enhanced its RV Technical Institute (RVTI) partnership a year after securing training for over 500 RVR technicians.

The renewed partnership will provide all RVR techs access to RVTI’s standardized training, curriculum and certification resources through RVTI’s Authorized Learning Program.

“We are pleased to announce a renewed partnership with RVTI to deliver training and certification for our service technicians across the RV Retailer family of stores,” company President and CEO Jon Ferrando said. “This investment by RVR in tech training will support the continued growth of our service and parts business. RVR leads the industry with the most enrolled service technicians for training and the most Level 1 certified service technicians in the industry in less than a year.”

RVTI’s career path includes four certification levels, from a Level 1 Certified Pre-delivery Inspection Technician to a Level 4 Certified Master Technician.

“RV Retailer’s commitment to training and developing has been incredible, from its dedicated service training centers to the recent appointment of Jon Ferrando to the board of RVTI, RV Retailer has shown relentless focus on delivering exceptional service at its 94 locations across the nation,” RVTI Executive Director Curtis Hemmeler said. “It is no secret that the industry faces a shortage of service technicians to support the record number of RVs on the road. RV Retailer is a critical partner to the RV Technical Institute in the efforts to address this shortage and is making a significant difference through their focus on training and developing new service technicians.”

A picture of RV Retailer's Chris Glenn on stage at the 2022 Leadership Summit.

Under the new partnership terms and investment by RV Retailer, RVR service technicians will have access to all RVTI training material at no cost to the service technicians. This includes all materials, testing and access to self-paced online programs, as well as a comprehensive training portal and individual profiles to track their personal certifications in the portal.

“The renewed partnership with RVTI expands our commitment to train our 700-plus service technicians,” said Chris Glenn, RV Retailer’s vice president of service and parts operations. “This program, coupled with our tech apprenticeship program, on-site tech training and virtual learning modules, helps our service technicians gain the knowledge and experience needed to grow their careers.”

Taylore Elliott, RV Retailer’s chief human resources officer, said over 150 RVR service technicians are awaiting their Level 1 certification.

“We are committed to having all of our service techs certified this year as part of this program,” Elliott said. “This investment in our people … allows RV techs to advance their skills and build a career.”


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