Salvinco Releases Three Stage LED Light

A picture of Salvinco's 3-in-1 LED color temperature light

Salvinco’s new Kelvin LED light has three color temperature options—warm white, neutral white and cool white. Pressing the fixture switch cycles through and chooses the color temperature.

The Kelvin also has a built-in dimming function, varying light levels between 280 lumens and 1,020 lumens. A non-volatile memory feature will retain the last dimmer setting and the color temperature when operated from a fixture switch or a wall switch.

The new Kelvin LED light fits most older pancake and ceiling light dimensions. The Kelvin LED light is 11.81 inches long, 4.65 inches wide and 1.12 inches tall.

A soft white diffusing lens produces light without glare or spots. The Kelvin LED ceiling light fits various interior lighting applications but must be used in dry locations.

The Kelvin LED fixture is available in while. The light is 10 watts.

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