Thetford Set to Ship Latest Titan Product

A picture of the Thetford Titan Tote Premium Waste Tank with four wheels

Thetford Corp. will begin shipping its newest Titan line product, the Titan Tote Premium Portable Waste Tanks.

The Titan Tote provides a solution to easily empty waste tanks without tearing down camp, the company stated. The solution was based on consumer research and customer feedback, is made in the U.S. and matches changes in RV design and user needs.

New Titan Totes feature a fully integrated Titan Sewer Hose.

“We are proud to start shipping this amazing product,” said Barry Eckel, Thetford’s Executive Vice President. “Our goal was to bring the best possible product to the market and that is exactly what we accomplished.”

Titan Tote Premium Portable Waste Tanks come fully assembled and include:

  • Handles located on all four sides
  • All-terrain wheels with ball bearings
  • Low fill height to ease connections to low RV waste valves
  • Titan Sewer Hose, attached to tank with a bayonet fitting
  • Corner outlet for drainage
  • AutoStop level gauge
  • Three capacities: 21, 27 and 35 gallons

The four-wheel models offer an integrated tow handle. The handle connects to a vehicle hitch and includes a 90-degree elbow valve to control flow while emptying.

“While there is so much to enjoy about the RV lifestyle, there are also some unpleasant but required activities like emptying holding tanks that comes with it,” Eckel said. “That is where Thetford can help. We focus on developing products that make these tasks simpler and allow RVers to stay focused on enjoying themselves rather than dreading the cleanup.”

A picture of the Thetford Titan Tote Premium Waste Tank with two wheels

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