OEM Increases Energy Storage Capacity on Some Camper Vans

A picture of a Winnebago Travato van

Winnebago Industries increased the energy storage capacity on some of its camper vans by 10 percent. Owners vans can now run their units longer off-grid without generator noise or greenhouse emissions.

The Travato KL and GL vans have gone from total maximum energy storage capacity of 8,600 watt-hours to 9,500 watt-hours.

Energy storage increased from 11,600 watt-hours to 12,800 watt-hours on the Boldt and Limited-Edition National Park Foundation Travato vans.

These increases resulted from Winnebago Industries use of the Pure3 Advanced Energy System from Volta Power Systems.

“We are excited to announce these improvements with Volta,” Winnebago Director of Product Management Russ Garfin said. “The evolution of our industry leading Pure3 system now provides our owners with an even better off-the-grid experience.”

Pure3 Advanced Energy System

The Pure3 Advanced Energy System provides Winnebago customers more energy density and performance than competing vans. Winnebago officials said it provides RVers the power needed to run virtually any appliance, including running air conditioning through the night. The system charges while driving, idling, connected to shore power or through MPPT-controlled solar panels.

Pure3 system owners can monitor their energy use, charge time and remaining capacity through the myVolta app. The app syncs with a Bluetooth unit on the energy storage packs. The hardware unit now ships standard with current Travato, Boldt and NPF Travato models, and is available to retrofit older models on Volta’s web store.

“We are constantly improving our products in parallel with automotive industry standards and in alignment with the feedback of our customers,” Volta Power Systems Co-founder Jack Johnson said. “With this capacity increase and the recent launch of the myVolta app, even more customers are enjoying higher-performing systems with the ability to monitor performance from the palm of their hand.”

For more information on Winnebago Industries’ Travato vans, click here. 

For more information about Volta Power Systems and its lithium-ion energy storage solutions, click here.


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