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RV News, a brand of DRN Media, is the oldest and largest trade magazine in the RV industry, with its first issue appearing in 1975. No other RV trade magazine has the rich history of RV News or has covered the recreational vehicle industry as extensively as the legacy publication.

Now owned by DRN Media Inc. CEO Dana Nelsen, the monthly, business-to-business trade magazine upholds the four-decade legacy created by its two previous owners and RV/MH Hall of Fame inductees Don Magary and Dan Holt.

RV News is avidly read by business decision-makers in the RV industry, including RV dealers, RV manufacturers, RV parts/accessories suppliers, warehouse distributors, RV retail stores and repair shops.

The publication is the industry’s leading source to learn about new vehicles, new technology, industry trends , new parts/accessories and new RV businesses entering the market as well as RV business people working within it.

Updated daily, the RV News website provides insights and information about the biggest business developments taking place each day within RV industry stories. Those stories are emailed each day to an exclusive list of RV industry executives, business decision-makers, managers, salespeople and employees working within the industry.

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