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A picture of Don Miller, senior data consultant at Constellation Dealer Group and IDS

Opinion: When Bottlenecks Collide

Typically, when analyzing dealership service data throughout the RV industry, we look at average repair event cycle times (RECT) for all work orders and their two main bottlenecks: work orders with warranty coverage and work orders with at least one out-of-stock part.

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A picture of Greg Artman

Opinion: Compliance Déjà Vu

The message that dealers need to focus on compliance should be heard loud and clear. One might wonder what brought the sales practices issue back to the surface.

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A picture of Carrie Stacey

Opinion: What’s the Multiple?

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve been asked, “What’s the multiple?” I’d be rich. When business owners ask this question, they really are asking what is the multiple for their business.

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